SERENE-deep-ity April 1, 2010 at 2:48pm Seated at a rattan-made table, I am trying to recall how this day influenced the much emotional side of me. Thanks to the invention of the lighter that has a tiny flashlight on its bottom-this served as my light while trying to write this piece of experience of mine. Only the outside world has the idea on what time it is exactly. This place is a definition of the word “deprivation”… People who come here should be ready of not having the material and digital comfort that the city life could offer.

Yet this place has priceless offerings to wandering souls…like me. It has been quite a tiring day to start with. Together with two of my close friends, we decided to spend this weekend here in San Antonio,Zambales…the farthest town of this province. Anawangin Cove has always been part of my FOOT TRIPS since I left my hectic lifestyle at my previous work.

This resort has become one of the most talked about islands turned resort in the country right now. Nestled at the tip of Zambales province-it took us nine hours dragging trip to reach this almost undisturbed hide away. We took the Baguio-Pangasinan-Zambales route. All the buses available were ordinary which painfully implies that we will be hitting each turn of roads with the blistering heat of the sun. We did not actually have an idea that there was no aircon bus that passes these extremely hot provinces. Pangasinan area could be a sight to a newbie for its scenic views that is mainly composed of green lands and ponds alongside its beaches. However, these are not new to me anymore that was why I was forcing myself to drowse into unconsciousness so I could rest from yesterday’s hang over.

The trip was obviously unimaginable for people who are used to colder climate up North. The air was too humid to bear…that contributed to the persistent skin allergy that pops out when the temperature turns irritably clammy. My own expectations embarrassed me and I am not ashamed to admit that fact. When Evita told us that there was no way we will be using our cell phones since signal is not feasible in this area…it literally freaked me out. How can I update my friends and family with how we are? How will I ever be able to sleep without saying good night to that someone? Worse, what if some thing unexpected along the way, how can we ever let somebody know that our existence lie at this hidden place?

This morning when we reached the shoreline of Anawangin, I was indubitably moved by the vast sea or was it ocean? Nah! It’s just a sea. The three of us quickly wore our life vests then hurriedly hopped into the boat. When I heard the motor noise, every thing else that occupying my brain was gone. I was totally absorbed by the beauty that was lying ahead of us. This is just a speck of GOD’s infinite wisdom…how he artistically positioned each rock and mountains on the side-it was just amazing! Floating in the middle of a vast and seemingly endless horizon,my fear for deep waters never crossed my brain. It was a total brain rest. It felt like I was sitting on a 3D movie house. The rushing of waves was so reel-it looked as if it was edited for an animation. The bluer waves seemed to elude each path we took. The swift ripples and cool splashes of water that reached my face kept me connected to reality. Approaching the cove, it was all anticipation. Enclosed in a U-shaped mountain, is the island of Anawangin in Pundakit,Zambales. Everyt turn of the boat is a breath taking scenery. I could clearly see the waves slap the rocky mountainsides. When we finally reached where we are right now, I just could not stop gratifying our creator for such wonder.

The sand is not exactly white as it was described in the web but the tranquility that this place offers to a drifter like me makes it its best asset. We rushed to the pine tree covered side of the shore where we put up our tent. After some minutes of rest, we traversed the long stream like swampy area. We took as much picture of the splendor that this place offers- a total commune with the nature. Much to our surprise, there were more campers than we have expected. Everyone was also just absorbing the picture perfect scenery. When the sun started to set in, almost all of us who was in the island gathered at the shore and took shots of the most sought after beauty of nature. We all witnessed how the big ball of fire started to turn into a majestic combination o red,orange and yellow as it slowly took it rest at its rightful place. We were all in awe to see such nature’s unlimited surprises.

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