Back to my roots

Since I returned to Baguio last July, I’ve been trying to reacquaint myself with the different facets of artistry in Baguio. That meant revisiting the different artists’ havens and joining events promoted by the Baguio artists.

The reason primarily was just to have a serene place to spend my usually empty moments. But recently, I realized that I should make it my thesis since the topics suggested to me were not my forte and it meant going to Benguet, I thought of focusing instead to the Baguio Artists Guild and their role in promoting the Cordillera Cultures. The OU head eventually agreed on this.

I have been going to TAM-AWAN and BOTANICAL Garden to refresh my memory to what I have missed since I left Baguio for almost four years (two years in China and 2 years in ABS-CBN Dagupan). There was not quite a change except that some of the finest artists are now in ASIN at BENCAB’s museum which will be my next stop and PETER PINDER’s place.

Aside from this, I try to make VOCAS my hang out so I can be updated with the different events. This is of course aside from the fact that I could stay at the veranda and write just about anything.

Good luck to me and my thesis.

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