ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation is definitely one company that many would want to be part of.

I realized how important it is for many to be an employee of this top broadcasting company in the Philippines. The honor that it brings you when people realize that you work for this company is incomparable. It’s as if you are invincible.

It was quite a scene for me seeing new employees in Dagupan City who keep visiting the admin office asking for their I.Ds or ABS-CBN sticker. These two seem to give pride to the employees. It gives them the feeling of being a KAPAMILYA and that people will recognize them more if they are wearing their IDs or have the logo bragging on very vehicle or motorcycle of every employee.

What about me?

I was not one of those who keep nagging the admin to provide me with my I.D nor did I ever ask for any sticker so I could let everyone know that I am a KAPAMILYA. I did not even crave for any Kapamilya items.

When I decided to go back to the Philippines , I was sure then of what I really want and that is to go back to the network that I’ve always believed in. I was employed at ABS-CBN Baguio as a writer and segment producer in the year 2004 to 2005. The experience was overwhelming. Being able to travel and meet people were stimulating. The experience I had those days were left etched in my memory bank .But the best part of being there was the fact that you could be of help to someone in your own little way.

I left for China after two years of stay there.

As I was contemplating on what I really want, I realized that I have a calling to work for the media industry… that this kind of job runs in my veins.

So I packed my things and headed back to my homeland.

Luckily, I was called for an interview as a marketing and events coordinator for north and central Luzon for the CDG group by Ma’am Janice Guarin.

I was a newbie in this facet of media since I was trained as writer and segment producer back in the year of 2004. But my brain was quite relentless that I could do this because it was the main reason why I came back…to accomplish my dreams.

When I first heard of the department where I will be plunged to be trained, I got quite diffident.


Although I didn’t have a background on this department, I knew that this is the backbone of every company.

It was a challenge. I knew I had to be more creative and on the ball because this is also the peak of competition between the two biggest broadcasting companies in the regional network group.

This thought made me more enthused to work.

The days passed by and I have been enjoying the work. Mounting events for the Manila programs and different sponsors were bracing.

I was able to visit different places and most of all work closely with the Philippine’s biggest stars. It wasn’t actually my dream to see these flawless skinned people but the fact that I could proudly share stories to friends who are dying to see PIOLO, JOHN LLOYD, SARAH,KIM and GERALD and other artists is a pride. And oh, I didn’t cheer for these big stars, I was glad I had the chance to meet and have lunch with my fave star…BUGOY.

I also enjoyed working with the production team when my former production head, Sir Patrick Gayapa, would entrust me to write few segments or be the floor director of an event or just proofread some articles.

I have also assisted in different Lingkod Kapamilya events (with Ma’am Terry Aquino and Jonatthan Ortega) which opened my eyes to the many societal problems of North and Central Luzon. I consider LK as the heart of ABS-CBN because thru this, it taught me that this company is not just profit motivated but has a big heart for the grassroots.

I can clearly remember the town we visited in Nueva Ecija where poverty has reached its peak. Lands are not awarded to the farmers. Kids are being sold in exchange for the amount of two thousand pesos so the family could buy a “yero”.

Or the simple gesture of Gandang Umaga Kapamilya to reach out to the less fortunate. The experience we had in Bolinao, where we brought a family for a vacation, was a clear awakening for me and my friends who joined the team of Ma’am Maricar Datuin-Maquinto who was always vivacious in doing her job.

The launching of the BAYANIJUAN in Bacolor,Pampanga was the biggest influence to me.
This event gave me clearer pictures of who are real bosses are. Almost all those who are in the highest thrones were present that time including Ms. Charo Santos-Concio. I was deeply moved by their attitude not only as bosses but as individuals. They never wanted to be treated as VIPs nor be served with any thing. I can vividly remember when Ms. Charo Santos-Concio reminded all of us not to treat them as someone special.. I also saw her serving the kids during the feeding program together with the other bosses.

In big events held in different parts of Luzon, I have always looked up to Ms. Ikit Garcia. She may not remember me but she will always inspire me to be the best I can be and not to pretend to be someone I am not. Someone told me that she used to be the Korina Sanchez of Visayas. I have always liked the way she dresses up. Rugged yet still exudes power. She just knows when is the right time to make “ngarag” someone.

Also, Sir Bernie Aldana will always have my respect for always being cool and being hands on Manager. He was always in every event in Baguio City making us feel that the captain will always be there whatever happens to the ship.

Most of all, I have proven that there’s a single soul who will fight for what is right even if it will cause her future. Ma’am Janice and I didn’t have that kind of relationship I had with other department heads.
But she taught me the best thing yet. She taught me to fight for what is right and to keep reminding yourself how good you are. Some may act like dogs that vomit and eat back what they have puked out.
I salute her for not saving her face. She was just good.

I might have gone thru different storms during my stay at the Kapamilya Network but I’ll always keep the things that I have learned from these people that have inspired to be better in my future undertakings.

They have simply showed me what a KAPAMILYA really is without inhibitions and without much pretension. That it is right to be on top with the right attitude.

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