Aside from Volante, VOCAS had been a place for refuge for me and my friend who is now based in Manila.

The last time we went there, we saw a poster about the film screening of JOHN TORRES’ OTROS TRILOGY which made us interested particularly on its kicker that says “three films that will break your heart” and the third short film’s title “Kung Paano Kita Liligawan nang Di kumakapit Sa Iyo”.

I went there alone since my invited companion had to go home and bring food to her mom. While standing at the entrance, a friend came by, whom I invited when I bumped into him at SM.

We were invited to sit in front. The films were really interesting even if they were just snippets of life. The treatment of Torres’ films was quite odd this is because he actually goes out and shoots any thing without any particular concept in mind. And when he’s done shooting he’ll sit in front of his computer for editing. Most of his works are inspired by his personal experiences.

Few of the recognizable Baguio Artists were KIDLAT TAHIMIK, KAWAYAN and RISHAB who still remembers me and my friends. There might be more but I am not proverbial with the photographers who were present that night.

It was my first time to watch an indie film and I can say that it was really interesting because it gives a filmmaker to be more creative and not be grounded by rules of the movie industry.

I hope I could see more of this.

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