UNMOVED (my favorite)


One lost soul…
Departed from reality…
Departed herself..from reality

While the wind blissfully blows
Tears fall along her damped cheeks
Alone, a soul awaits as the sun sets in
The sky turns to a vibrant orange
The slightly tamed waves sweep the shore
On top of a sole rock, she stood against the
cold breeze

A roaring wave rattles the rock’s strength,
Bits of it were shattered

Like the lonely soul,
With the hurt soul,
They stood unchallenged
Embracing herself,she is now
Numbed by pain-heart feels no more

Her wholeness got tired
Her heart,tainted
Her soul,wrecked
Her identity.lost
Her entirety,engulfed with misery

Lost and wandering-she fought the battle of unrelished past-her body feels stupor

Slowly, his memories braced away
From her strayed love

No more will she think of anything
For when the dawn assumes the moment

A soul is buried down the ocean floor
Where no one knows but herself
And the innocent witnesses
Where no one remembers-

Even him-who brought her life
And brought her death

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