The unwanted visitor


There are times when we lost contact with the real world…
When things are just too overwhelming that you can’t feel them..

I am physically tired. I feel invisible bruises all over my body.
I just wanna lie down and let my imagination grip me.
I wish that I could somehow lift my sould apart from my flesh and let it drift to
weighless serenity…not for a heartbeat of a second but for sometime
I feel like making peace with helplessness…

The scent of death might be unique and invigorating yet the façade of it may be terrifying…

But then it might be a total regress from low human-suffering immunity, it must be like crossing a clear-liquid wall that separated life from actual living.

There are times when in I felt like death is around, waiting for the signal to whack you away from painful human connection. Am I ready to smell the scent of that dark death man?

I’m not really sure bout my answer. I’d definitely choose to remain breath away from my family and friends. But if GOD would prefer to look over me in HIS place then that would be fine.

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