a maz(E)ing antidote Sep 15, '08 4:07 AM

what's the best thing about being an expat?
the money!
well, having lots of money or just more than what you need ables you to do things that you are dying to do.i belive that i was born a traveller (could be single l) and i think every grid of the earth pulls me.
so everytime i see a friend posting a pic with a description "blah blah in hawaii or U.S" oh my! it really wakes up the traveler vein in me. and it knocks me hard with a loud whisper saying "get up u crap! move ur ass" and then i realize..WTH am i doing? i miss lots of things.the "instant" trees during springthe "beaches" in summer and oh dont' forget those expats from different races hovering around like a swarm of bees..luring ..definitely not me LOL!the bigger watermelons during falland the nothing i enjoy during winter.one thing that really draws me closer to traveliing is the airport. man! what do u call a person tat's unconsciously attached to airports.i could spend like 10 hours in the airport long as im near the smoking area. and the laptops where i could surf the net.how could i forget the double decker buses? it's like "feel at home, come to the second floor"and of course the "uniquely fermented" beers of different countries.and meeting people who love conversations! yeah! like you spend your whole time inside the train being talked to like for a time you are a star!it's ripping me off.til my next trip ticket.

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