great love ends...


i bet you did not understand even a single chinese character from these three statements. but these three short sentences shattered me.
i met him through an expat friend in Weifang,China. He was 3 years younger and the only son of a known and rich family in that city.

Our meeting was purely accidental. Hallen (my travel mate) and I got lost in Weifang so I did not have any choice but to contact Joel (Canadian friend) who rents an apartment in Weifang. Joel lives with Oscar (African, who eventually became Hallen's boyfriend). Oscar was the connection.He was Rain's (my chinese ex) friend.

We stayed in Joel's flat who was living with Ally (chinese girl who became my chinese sister). It was the greatest summer of my life. I don't know how we were able to connect with Rain who only knew "hi" and "hello'. While the pairs were having their own dates, Rain and I went to stroll around. I don't know what came in between that we were able to converse How both of us talked about the romantic night. I only knew "ni hao ma" that time.

Things went well. Hallen and I went to Qingdao for a short vacation. When we returned to Weifang, Rain and I became an item. i eventually fell for this guy.

Rain who did not like my cooking.
Rain who was funny but serious when the situation calls for it.
Rain who never made me feel inferior.
Rain who liberated me from fear and doubt.

he literally brought out the kid side of me. Enjoyed every moment together.
There was no pretension.

Then I had to go back to the Philippines.
We parted ways...
Last year his email was "I MISS YOU MJ i broke up with my girlfriend because we are incompatible"...
it was in english. I think he tried to study english seriously that time.

He never left my heart. That particular space is held by him cause I never got tired searching for him..

Five years. It did not change.
Then I sent him an email just few days ago.
His reply was "I MISS YOU"

then those three statements were the content of his email today which means:


it made me wanna cry out and shout as loud as I can so he can hear how hurting I am...

There's my great love.

i got married last year.
i put up my own factory.
are you married?

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