We might be miles apart by land and
Ocean yet the heavens in between
Makes it just a sight away

At night when everything
Rests and everyone sighs
their tire away. I’d lie awake
and wait til the break of dawn…

I hope I could play the saddest song
And hit the right notes
And pray hard enough that the
Silence of the night would
Echo the song of my heart….

From afar, I hope
You stare in the sky
And feel the breeze
Of the sad notes from my song

Look over the sky filled
With twinkling stars…
They’re smiling down
Over us…

Keep still for in a while
These stars will write
Your name in the sky

My song told them so…
I’m lost wandering in the middle of the night…
Waiting for my song to echo in your heart
And be locked right inside it
And the key be kept somewhere
In the craters of the moon

Cause when tomorrow comes
The sun will steal the light and
The echoes will never be heard again..

My heart lays at rest
Waiting for the day to get dark
So I can play the song of my heart
And wait til it echoes back to you…

Then I have to find them
And take them back

My stars might have fallen
And held by the lucky girl
And my Notes went astray
And landed on her
Whom you would echo your heart with…

I’ll start playing another song
And start wishing on another star…

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