They’re like falling debris..they come in bits and pieces..

It’s more than hanging around..more than talking over a cup of coffee..more than rantings over childish issues..more than sharing a night of liquor experience.

They’re surprises that come hugging a wounded soul…a shattered being..an isolated heart…

Watching the sole remembrance from the past winter camp,makes me both happy and sad. How can I ever forget the faces of everyone who blessed a two-month in my life? The distant differences? The wondering of someone’s indifference? We all didn’t get along well as some did…still didn’t understand each other’s bizarre behavior..but we tried to live in a civil manner.

I am a vulnerable person. Easily influenced by others. Easily trusts.

But I don’t regret being permeable by any circumstances because it had taught me many things. It had made me understand other people. Because in this world, people will always break your heart but they’d always come back and pick the shattered pieces.

Life’s like that, I break other’s heart too…

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