DESTINY: in the eyes of a nomad

I have been dormant for quite a long time. Though I really thought I was living a LIFE. I made lots of twisted and highly incongruent decisions.

Going overseas was like living someone else’s dream. I must be a g’damn s’ of a b’ but I’m slowly and gradually wearing out. Everything was made easy yet unimaginably uncomfortable,well, atleast,on my part.

This is what I call “euthrophicated” living.. it is like a pond swarmed with beautiful water lilies but the water could not actually move- it’s stagnant. The sunlight could not penetrate- making any organism, except for the parasites, struggle for life.

This is the phase of my life where I am actually short of breath.

It seems beautiful in the surface. I’ve got all a lazy-boned freak wants; good pay,12 hour job a week,nice-huge-lifeless flat. But if you wade all that are floating in the surface,you will see a soul less creature. Just a berserk hallow being….

Many people believe that we are bound to fulfill our destiny. I still strongly disagree.

Destiny ,InMyHumbleOpinion, is just for people who sees nothing in their future but fruitful deliverance-waiting for something they don’t actually know about,hoping that HIS almighty is going to fulfill HIS duty according to HIS own will. Ergo, destiny only exists to those who limit the boundary of their ability to a delusional future which will eventually mirror the mockery of themselves.

Destiny is such a wonderful and promising word. It evolves in a spherical view of infinite wandering. It binds people in the present to the future. It controls one believer to see its doom in a rational yet unreasonable way. It misleads people..or people mislead themselves..

Destiny is so abstract yet conveying a sweet imagery. It defies oblivion in its negative sense.

~ solongtinik

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