As I was fixing all my ex’s stuff (so I can send them back to him) when I saw a letter written by yours truly in one of our anniversaries.

Written in this letter were the things I like most about him and the worst thing each month of the year that we’ve gone through. Looking back there was not much said about the better things that we shared. I don’t want to sound bitter but it seemed as if we really didn’t have much to share but time.

He gave back that letter when he went to my workplace to give me a birthday present on the 18th of February this year. We were not in good terms that time. The reason is something I can’t even remember. But anyway, he returned that letter to me with a note on the first page. He wrote on it. It was filled with promises. And the best of which was when he said he’s going to do his best to change as a person and to make our relationship get better.

Ours was not a relationship that a story teller would want to share to neither his audience nor something that we should boast about when we get older. But with those promises said and written, I thought it was something sacred I can hold on to. That even if we don’t see each other for a long time, I know I can count on the promises he said he would keep.

But with just less than a month of being apart because of my hectic schedule, he took time in looking for someone who could take my place and eventually forgetting the promises he said.

It wasn’t that hard accepting the fact my place was taken over by someone in his past because this situation gives a simple logic on trust. It’s a story between a real man and his own word.

I realized that you can never judge a man by his words unless you see these things happening right before your eyes.

Things ended quickly as easily as we started that relationship. It didn’t take me long before I understood what happened. I just know that if he was able to leave his partner before me then he could easily do that to anyone who will come his way. And I was not spared.

Now, I am trying to figure out how people could utter something sacred as the word “promise” when in fact they know that eventually they can’t keep even a bit of what was said.

I am glad I got out of those broken promises soon before I get myself into more troubles.

It’s a bittersweet world when you are in a relationship. A world full of promises..when things are in your favor.


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