DATE: 7.7.06

Whew! Finally the drive to write about my trip kicked in! I was kinda busy exchanging dull mental intercourse with the most assuming expat in the country lately (I’ll tackle this immature interaction later).

My long-energy-draining trip last Friday night,same day that Kumar took off for the U.S (believe me, this trip helped me to refresh).

Took the train at 8:30pm from Weifang en route to Changchun! Yes my dear John (Camu), finally my wish for a train ride was granted-overly granted! But, don’t worry, I’ll still try that one going to your hometown when we both take a vacation to our Philippines. Whew! When will that be? I mean, we still have that plan of going back to that rat-infested resort…to reminisce that month- long mem’ry –filled summer camp we’ve just had last July! Looking forward to your patient swimming lecturing!

My chines friends advised me to take the soft-bed to keep my comfortable throughout the anticipated yet unbelievably exhausting-stressing 22-hour trip! That’s two hours short for a day.

I decided to take the seat. Oh yes! I’ve got good reasons though. First, I wanted to capture the entirety of the crowd and meet different kinds of people. I wanted to feel the ambiance of being there actually with people whose got no choice but to take the cheapest (if u know what I mean). But I was wrong, I was luckily (unfortunate for me, it’s defeating my purpose of having the seat) seated in an aircon-equipped train! Not much to see except for the chance passengers who didn’t have the choice but to stay awake since they have to stand the whole time. I can tell that they want to start a conversation with me, a WAIGUOREN. Unlucky for them since I was not accommodating that time. You know, I just want to own myself and the chance to enjoy the moment.

The heavens was not really cooperating, it rained. It could have been so romantic. Patter of rain under a dark night graced with the lights but I guess the Chinese people are quite hydrophobic to open the windows and still dropping down the curtains. So I did not have the choice but to take out my diary and book. Tried to scribble something and ended up writing about Kumar.

I guess, I missed a lot of beautiful sceneries (if there were). The moment that opened the curtain, it was already dusk and I was already four hours approaching Changchun.

My apologies to Changchun people for I have underrated their place (the town’s name doesn’t sound urbanized).

Vanj,Lily and I met that huge airport-like train station of Changchun. We went to marivic’s place where they were preparing spaghetti! Whew! What a nice treat after an exhausting,unenjoyed train tripQ Did they have an idea that spag is my fave?

The next day, we woke up early to attend a bible study. What an early reminder from my Rock of Salvation.

Changchun is more modern compared to Weifang-more malls, more commercialized.

When Hallen arrived from a remote-sounding place (which was later confirmed), we immediately agreed on bar hopping! ‘twas still early to crash-attack a bat so we spent time bonding. Vanj decided to a play a cyber game-text and twist, which eventually had me burdened guessing the original word. The words were for beginners but we tend to think os some highfaluting words because it was a cyber game! Then we get frustrated every time we figure out that the word is a basic for novice!

The clock ticked 10pm! Time to rock and roll! Time to get really wild after an almost six months of hibernating from our tamed towns.

First stop: SAN MARCO

This place reminds of me Albertos and Gimbals! Not as rugged as the one in Shouguang. The coolest part was that the band is consist of Pinoys! So we had a real disco environement ‘cept that I was goin wild with all those shakira kind of moves-hey MJ! Do I see an “I’m horny” wiggle waggle over there? There were lots of foreigners here, who were actually going shindig over the real disco beat!

I was tempted to flirt with the white guy doing the sexy “she bangs” by Ricky Martin but I was kinda feeling reserved that time.

There were three stiff Chinese back-ups. They were the dullest entertainers I’ve seen in my whole disco attending life. The best thing? After my five months dead-barren-sordid social life in Shouguang, I still can do those slutty-flirty moves…a Filipina remarked on my dancing :galling mo pala sumayaw” ehem!


It’s almost 2am when we made our way to this equally famous hang out in Changchun. I’m going to rate this place as 5 out of 5. It’s simply amazing that it could house the whole nocturnal-party mammals of Baguio City. The facilities are perfect. There’s a separate place for foreigners.

But I was glued to the huge flat-tv screen. It was the FIFA WORLD CUP Championship. Actually, I could tell that the majority went there to watch the much-awaited championship between Italy and France. I guess, I need some explanations here. I was watching it because I was thinking that Kumar is possibly watching it. I was cheering for France for the sole reason that Kumar studied in France.

It was liberating. It felt like Baguio ‘cept that we weren’t with our clique.

BAICHENG (Hallen’s turf)

I was meant to take the train for this North China Travel.

Hallen and I are taking a four-hour train ride to her remote habitat.

It’s far from civilization but it was a nice place to spend a day or two for a rest. Ding1 know what? I had some problem with both of my tiny feet while waiting for the train. It was too painful all over that I lost my shame when I sat with my legs wide spread on the floor.

The first thing we did when we reached baicheng was to buy some beer but we didn’t get wasted. We turned the CD player with OUTKAST hitting the peaceful air of the neighborhood.

In the morning, we decided to have our hair done. We had our hair rebounded.

Here’s one thing that really hit my hornet’s nest.

We were at the train station to buy tickets for DALIAN. I asked some students if they could speak English and they said “yes” But when I asked them to translate the word “evening” they turned their backs from us! Then there’s this cashier whose IQ is below sea-level who could hardly understand the Chinese who was translating for us.
My favorite cuss word escaped from my tryin-to-be-curse-free mouth faster that the missile set-off from North Korea.

The next day. We were expecting a sixteen hour trip from Baicheng to Dalian. I am about to see the “VENICE OF THE EAST”. I was excited that all I did inside the train was EAT!

The way to Dalian was kinda provincial. Just like the road in the movie “”
Bridges of Madison County” it’s just that there are dwarf corn plants along the road.

I guess, Dalian people take pride in the FUJACHUA,the beach site.

Located in an uphill winding road. It’s like baguio with pine trees standing alongside it. It was so green that my exhausted system was immediately relieved. The beach is flocked with Russians. The pebbles are big enough that it hurt my tiny feet.

Hallen and I found a 150 yuan a night hotel.

(deleted some parts)

The first time we set our eyes on this place, the only things we’ve said was “this is not China”. The typical China is dirty-hounding factories, brick walled houses, roadside apartments, and villages in the city.

But Dalian is a lost European City that sprouted in the North of China. I haven’t seen Venice but vicariously speaking, I’m sure it’s a displaced European civilization. It also expands to Transylvania (the Xinghai castle is just simply amazing). They also have the what I called “the leaning bridge”, it’s so cool and majestic especially when fog engulfs it. The architecture is a combination of traditional Chinese , a western touch and contemporary European.

There were cozy restaurants and coffee shops.

I could hardly contain myself. It’s overwhelming that if I only have the resources, I could spend the rest of my life in this place. This sis just one of the few moments when you would wish for the time to fleet slowly so you could savor every nature-intercourse, to seal your soul intricately to a maiden place which turns to a white winter and nature bounty on summer.

We’re over a NARNIA type of emancipation; we need to readjust ourselves for another turning back to reality,

Welcome Aboard! We’re taking a ship ride going to WEIHAI so we could go to QINGDAO!

Dalian port to Weihai port takes eight hours. I enjoyed the fog covered sea and fed the lurking birds. I sat in a yoga position somewhere on the view deck so I could enjoy and appreciate the huge sea (maybe ocean). I wanted to confirm to myself that I am not afraid of the0inebriating sight of the sea.

When I got tired reading while listening to a NORA JONES classic, I went down to take a nap.

When we reached Weihai, we didn’t know that it would take us another six hours before we can reach WEIFANG! We decided to spend time in a restaurant.

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