I am 24 years old. Four months to go and I’ll be 25.

I have read classical diaries and I bet none of mine will pass the reader’s taste. I mean, mine is something usual.

During my stay in China, I was forced to buy historical movies and documentaries. All of them never failed to break my heart. Take for example the life of the discriminated jews from the movie “the pianist”. The religious-socio-political battle in Gaza strip. The murder of some athletes in Munich Olympics in Germany. The cheating of Bush in the Presidentail elections. And many more…

And of course the huge grap of society in China, which I personally witnessed.

All of these affect the whole universe. If we could only unearth all the writings regarding these issues, we will realize that millions of individuals have dreamt of achieving piece and harmony.

Still, I don’t know why the more we crave for these inexpensive abstracts, the harder for us to achieve them.

Temptations hover s us. And it has obviously become a fact. If you don’t do those stuff, you’re an outcast.

So what then are we supposed to enjoy in this material world?

That’s why I can never inspire anyone with my life story. Everything that happened to me has happened to someone only in a different situation.

I’m just one of the Jane Does wasting her time bugging herself to become someone somday.

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