moved on

It’s been three months since I thought my whole world fell apart and that GOD chose to hurt me again..

Looking back, there moments when I was so willing to give up on this life..times when I though the whole conspired against me…times when I felt so betrayed..

Before the cheating, I already knew I was also falling out of love and was just waiting for him to give up on me…

He did. But I never thought it would be that hard.

But it wasn’t. it was actually easy. God made it easier for me.

Right now, he’s trying to rekindle whatever stupidity I did before but I have moved on..totally moved on.. and I’m glad I didn’t resort into anything that would hurt my family and friends.

It would be better if I have someone right now caring for me and loving me but I guess time has taught me much..the hardest way…that’s why I am not gonna force myself to get into something that will leave me wandering.

I am happy now. Much better.

My friend even reminded me last Saturday night that I was lucky for not getting married to him last april.

GOD has planned the best for me. And only the best.

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