7 days left and i'll be vacating this seat.

this computer that i have used for the past eight months.
this screen which i turned to a scrapbook (pasted tiny cute stuff around it).
this cubicle where i see almost all the people that come in and out of this cabin-like office.
and the songs that accompanied all my mostly idle days in our place.

there were moments when leaving felt harder than i thought it would be.
the first time i left abs-cbn. the 2nd time. it felt like leaving my friends whom i have spent my three years of being with.
then living my students in china was beyond description. i was pulled out from a place where i felt more of a home than a foreign country.

now, living this workplace feels like leaving a place of temporary condemnation. it was more liberating than losing a regular job.

everything went pretty well during the first few months until my friends and i were dragged on issues that were based mainly on personal anger that obviously went around the place. we all decided to keep away from the people that caused this uneasiness and ignored those who chose to judge us without even knowing the RIGHT story.

i was completely emotionally devastated. my relationship with a friend was tinted with the image that these haters created about me.

what is there left to reminisce when even the person that could make you comfortable make you feel like you are not worthy of anyone's attention...just because he isn't that man enough to argue with the friends he has in the office?

i am again leading a different path...a clueless journey that i will take...a decision based on the desire to have a complete mind rest.

whatever will happen, i know this leaving would be the best yet.

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