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Thursday, June 14th, 2007

my sister,my pride.
people always wonder why we call her iman when her real name is joan, i guess she was named after the famed joan of arc.

it was actually me who baptized her this name few years back.
i was going thru her things when i saw her highschool slumbook, u know the stuff where we ask our friends to answer things mostly about love. and i took her name from one of her answers which i cant accurately remember but there was the phrase "IDEAL MAN", so i took the first letter of the word Ideal and added man. thats how she got her name IMAN.

iman has the worst temper among the three of us. there are sundays when she won’t attend ‘coz her shoes don’t match her clothes or she had some petty fight with our parents and when one of those happens, expect her not to come for the mass. u would never really mess up with our youngest or you’ll regret it.

but she is also a sweet soul. i’m the LEAST mature and LEAST responsible among the three of us and im also the one who’s always cashtrapped. so evrytime we go out they would always treat me..iman always had my back. She would buy me things that she thinks would look good on me..or she would spend some bucks for a buck that im dying to read. Since paoie left, i share room with her (paoie and her shared room then).

we share secrets..personal and just girl stuff. i know her more than anyone else in our family and vice versa. and when she bursts im the only person who can calm her down.
she used to cry coming home because of some people in her former job tried to intimidate her. and i end up getting mad to those people and i started threatening her that ill be the one to settle her mess with this people. but she never let me interfere. and now that she found a new and more demanding job, she’s learning more.

she is still weak. she still cant defend herself. she’s still a kid.
we had some sms’ng today and i realized how much she matured.i was touched when she told me that she knows how hard to earn a penny.
im happy she’s starting to have confidence…

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