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english incompetency in my philippines?Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

i was reading an editorial from the philippine star this morning and i was shocked with what the editor had to comment on. i was expecting for a socio-political editorial on this column or a comment on the war goin on between lebanon and iraq.


did i just hear that Philippines is the 3rd largest english speaker in the whole world? then why is this saying that english has deteriorated in my country with a colonial mentality?

ok so the department of education wants to restore english as the medium of nstruction in the classrooms. but, hey! wait, where the hell are we gonna get those qualified and competent english teachers (schools in my country seldom hire native speakers) ? they’ve all gone out of the country, teaching in New York, Korea and China! i wonder how the education ministry will solve this embarrassing problem. i pity those kids back in my homeland. but what can we do? the government is too strict with their reulations in hiring teachers. i mean, i’ve got the 18 education units as per PRC-LET required but that doesnt qualify me to teach in my philippines.

yep! alot of countries have realized the need for english proficiency and their government have been wworking had on how to enhance more but as the whole world is taking a giant leap, philippines is far left since the majority of the english teachers are using their training somewhere else!

wait. are we really on this situation?

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