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smoke criminalThursday, July 6th, 2006

"Singapore, renowned for its squeaky-clean image and strict laws against littering, has already banned smoking in air-conditioned buildings including restaurants and workplaces.It has raised the tax on cigarettes and packets bear shocking photos of the harmful effects of smoking." –agence france presse–

are we expecting a clean out drive in this country? wow! that made me not want to visit this country (it was part of my plan really). i mean, i ain’t like a dragon smoker but i enjoy smoking in the places specified. whew! what a great deal for people who go to coffee shops, bars, and eateries to kill time while smoking!

not against banning smoking but i guess the government has gone overboard in keeping singapore clean. chiz! smoking has been their sinc time immemorial!
just my smokepipeline opinion!

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