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puff that cig yo!Thursday, July 6th, 2006

dear bloggers,
whew! i was so depressed last thursday because of a shocking unexpected argument with someone…i didn’t get angry though- i just don’t have th reason to. i’ll not talk much about it…not worth blogging.i have 2 weeks left with my summer job and all the foreigners (including jocelyn who had a summer job offer somewhere south) left. so i’m ALONE!but that’s just 2 weeks to endure. i will be traveling in 3 weeks time. alone though but that’s ok i like it better that way.i met someone from century school (new teacher) who smokes too! we clicked the first time we met…laughed so hard and shared stories!!!! he’ll be a good company im sure!!!aja mj! life in shouguang ain’t that boring after this sem anyway!!!!ciao mike! i’ll see u in shanghai…gotta meet with my friend who’s interested in F1 race.

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