and because he smiled

And Because He Smiled

It was a Wednesday when I decided to take a cab going to work because I was physically dragged. It has been my habit to walk-giving me a keener observation of the environment and of course the chance to visit Mr. Spider in his chosen territory.

But this specific day I chose to take a cab-feeling worn out. Since my mind was preoccupied with nothing but passive glancing I got to realize something simple yet moving...

The cab stopped infront of government office for quite sometime, enuogh for my tears to voluntarily drop. There was this guy who regularly stands there holding a signage for tourists looking for transient rooms. If you’re a soul aho curses traffic, you won’t really notice him. He seems to be mentally challenged...wears torn-dirty clothes. Drools. But these features don’t make him particularly “special.” It’s the way he genuinely smiles on passers by.

Lots of things dawned on me.

How many times do we fret about our problems and affect other people.

When did we show our gratitude to people who came offering their friendship?

When was the last time you smiled because your dog did something stupid?

Or have you even taken a jiff thinking why morning dews look like crystals from a distance?

And how can some people bear grudge over others?

There was just much peace on his face-too much that it comforted my oblivious heart.

I wonder if how many of us who regularly saunter down Session Road notice the beggars not because they somehow annoyingly occupy space on the streets but because you just stopped and said a little prayer for them.

We are missing alot of life’s simple and great gifts because we are plunged into our worries that we forget the worth of what we have.

The tears that feel that day were so precious because it reached my heart. Now, I don’t only walk along that road touching the plants, listening to the perfectly tuned chirping of birds and collecting dews on the tip of my fingers but I have also learned to appreciate every gestire from otehr people.

Lfe’s greatness is seen better in the eyes of those who see it.

It sounds absurd when we end something that has not happened yet.

It is not too often that people choose to look beyond the first impression that a new comer makes. And worst, how some people create a personality out of a stranger according to how they were conditioned to see that person.

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