My Road

There are moments in our lives when we thought we are meant to accomplish certain things...bound to fulfill what destiny has decided for us.

I am 29 years old. Single.

And while I am writing this...unemployed.

It was a choice.

The moment I stepped out of my alma mater I have sauntered down the world of employment. It was scary at first. Not knowing what this real world has prepared for me, I confidently took the job of a segment producer and a writer at a broadcasting company. It was definitely fun. I got to go to places for free and met people of different types.

Then routine bored me.

I took the risk of being an expat teacher in the middle kingdom. I called that moment of my life as a feral encampment. I dared to do things I was not supposed to do...as expected by the society. But it was there where I learned so many things in life. Things that opened my mind into so many realities of life. Realities that have defined my ideals and beliefs. Spatial freedom begets ultimate freedom. Far from the moralistic and religious rules. Away from people who have sealed your fate since the time they learned you were created. Liberated from the confinement of the society’s norms.

I traversed the path of oddities and unfamiliarity of ignorance and innocence. Learned the real meaning of failure. And standing up every after fall. And I did it all alone.

It was living.

Then I came back to my democratic country. A country where so many things are expected to be done rightfully. Where freedom seems to be limited by the rules of the church and the society. A place where i feel like I am expected not to go beyond what people expect from me.

Went back to the media industry. I enjoyed. Again, I got to go to places for free. Mingled with celebrities that ordinary people only see on TV. Shook hands with the leaders of the government. Attended bigger events. Overwhelming.

But, routine has again bored me.

Until I found myself in the four corners of a university. It was a place where I found self fulfilment...where I understood the real meaning of “service”...a comforting zone. The immature part of me gradually grew into a more feeling...more ompassionate being.

It may sound cliche but teaching really is a vocation. You work despite and inspite of the challenges. Not minding the stress that a 30 unit load with more than five preparations bring. It is the product of what you have been sacrificing that matter. Seeing all those future leaders learn with passion in your class puts a tired sould to rest.

And even when you have left an institution those people whom you have touched will remain respecting you and remembering you. And that’s the best reward I have had.

I have again become a nomad. Doing things I never thought will bring me inner peace and happiness.

But that person that the media taught to be always of service and that person that the academe taught to be compassionate remains.

And wherever I am bound again...this time, I am ready to take a chance again. ^o^


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