the silent hopeFUL

i didnt watch the barack obama inaugural last night but i made sure na makakacatch up ako kahit delayed telecast.

much to what we call luck, ininterview si collin powell sa isang newdcast abroad (my bad for forgetting the the broadcast company's name) regarding the plans of mr. barack and they were talking about the possible closure of the 'GUANTANAMO BAY'...i was delighted to hear that although they're still thinking of ways on how to pursue that plan.

anyone who will watch the docus regarding this evil-laden place would want to have it closed..even GRAAB..

spent much of my time in CHINA wacthing different docus of the 9/11..GUANTANAMO BAY..GRAAB..all of MICAHEL MOORE'S docus..and yeah i became one of his avid reader (he writes books) viewer (his docus). I learned a lot.

the last time i read the news,the guards who abused the prisoners are serving what is appropriate for them.

I hope that justice be served to people who were just suspected and even those who are guilty (who were treated more than like wild animals)...

we are still HUMANS...


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