this is just one of the threads i started in one of the expat forums and so i thought of sharing

poverty in mainland china is much depressing compared to the Philippines but my chinese students have better perception on what LIFE is all about..


this is what my students think of what LIFE is...

~~ my likes sea. My duty is making it keep blue. My life likes desert. my duty is making it green. so i have to work very very hard. although im very tired,i cant give up

~~ Life is likes a sea. we all sail in it.

~~ In the most of the highschool in china, the school is monotonous. we walk the same ways everyday.

~~i ll fly highter and highter,though i may fell down. im not afraid of it...

~~...i love a girl,but inorder to have a future,i have to get away from her-100 kilometers away. there all becasue of chinese education,but we must face it.

~~ Life is colorful,and it's for everyone. no matter how difficult your life is,it's yours. you should love it.

~~...so we all need other's help. others give you help,why don't you say "thank you!" to them?

~~ i think the life whould be filed with happiness. a family and a job are OK,e can also help others and make a little contribution to the country.

~~ i want to live in a sea like a fish but without a net.

~~ life might make a great great man degraded

~~ i want to live in a big house which has a big windows near the sea,and i can see the sea everyday and i will live a happy life.

~~The commmon life is everyone's right,but living a happy life is my special right

~~..life just likes a bottle of water,you should put something into it, or it will have no meaning.

~~ everything that we have experienced is the stone on the road.

~~ Life means struggling. we struggle for that we like things

~~Dont give up when are upset. you're the best.

~~ we should our hearts into our life,then we will become the useful people to our country.

~~ what is life? sorry,i dont know because i dont go thru much.

~~ life is everything,or life is everything

~~ Id like a life with a person whom i love and loves me.

~~ i think life is very difficult. because when i grow up,ill have to make a living. i have to study hard now. i cant imagiune what my life will be like.

~~ Life becomes more wondefor bcause of defeat

~~ Life is sad when you come to the world. Life is beautiful when leave the world.

~~ Life is an expecting competition.

~~ life is a kind of duty


~~Many people say their life is boring,because they just dont find the funny thingd around them

~~ Live in a False position For Education

~~ A good life should have a good wife,lots of foods,a cute daughter

~~ Life needs insist. Life likes a flower and it very beautiful but very short

~~ Life is what a person is all about

~~Life is a long trip. just enjoy the things along the trip

~~ in china,at school the students dont have freedom,so the life of us is boring,the only thing we should do is study.

~~ Sometimes i think about what we live for,but i never get the answer. or even i maybe more puzzled. so that i believe,all i will do is to live the way i enjoy,to live simply.

~~ life is something that sometimes i dont want to have. i think its hard for me live a pleasant life.

....crushed me....

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