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freedom of speech: permit to death?Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

In its 2006 annual report, the Paris-based Reporters Sans Frontieres (Reporters Without Borders) said that after Iraq, the Philippines was the most dangerous country for journalists.
this is rather alarming. i’ve read alot of news beats about journalists in my country being gunned down for the sole reason that they are blunt on their commentaries regarding socio-political issues. does this mean that if the gov’t couldn’t beat these members of the fourth state they’ll silence them with the use of bullets?

freedom of speech? freedom of th press? ok, so they go overboard and they hit you under your belt, is that enough to hole their bodies with bullets? the government has been crippled with tons of coup attempts lately which implies that there is a massive pleadings for the accused cheater and corrupt president (did i smell nepotism here?) to step down from her office. hey! the oakwood mutiny didn’t prosper and didnt even catch any juan dela cruz’ sympathy neither attention. but has its spirit rekindled?

and now the military command has decided to withdraw from the chain of command of our chief of staff. so what does this mean? the government is currently busy tracking down the people whom they call the "sacred cows"..the conspirators. then what? recommend an indictment on conspiracy charges to these people whose sole mistake is to be enlightened?
the journalists. the military. who’s next?

the arroyo gov’t is so lucky to have a well commanded cabinet and ass kissing congress! way to go ass lickers! give the media enough reasons to pull u out from ur insane loyalty to ur power grabbing power hungry president!

an increase to death toll! it will keep them sighing from relief!
back off nuisance poilticians!

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